Environmental Site Assessment

The City conducted a Phase 1 and Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment to determine if there were significant underlying issues with the site. While some issues were identified, the Assessment concluded that the environmental issues can be addressed through typical cleanup and engineering design:

  • Previously documented underground storage tank leak on the northeast side of the building. This area was cleaned up in a prior process, and as long as the building remained in place in this location, no additional work is required.
  • Discovered a new underground storage tank leak on the southeast side of building. This would require soil remediation that is anticipated to take less than a week to complete. 
  • Low levels of copper and lead on concrete slab inside building. If any portion of the slab is retained the resurfacing of the slab would encapsulate the copper and lead. 
  • Perchloroethene detected in soil vapor in same area as the southeast underground storage tank leak. Perchloroethen is relatively common in soil in the downtown area. Cleanup of the underground storage tank would also remove the perchloroethene in the soil. 
  • No ground water contamination on the site.

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