Vacation Rentals


There are a series of restrictions in place to ensure that the residential character of our neighborhoods is protected. The popularity of private vacation rental activity has increased over the years. There are strict limitations in place that property owners or prospective property owners should consider before making this business decision. The most important call you can make is to the Zoning Department at 707-431-3348 to see if your particular property, will qualify for this status. Most will not qualify due to zoning restrictions. A vacation rental is not the same as a Bed and Breakfast Inn. The majority of complaints that our department receives are from neighbors who object to a property owner running a motel business in a residential neighborhood.

If you are a prospective customer for a vacation rental, ask the owner if they have a “Conditional Use Permit” issued by the city and if the property has passed the annual fire/safety inspection. The investigation and elimination of non-permitted vacation rentals is a priority. Verified violations result in the issuance of fines and may lead to criminal prosecution. If you are a property owner and have a tenant conducting illegal vacation rentals, you are responsible for stopping the activity.

Warning Signs for Illegal Vacation Rentals

  • Owner does not have a “Conditional Use Permit” or other permit issued by the City of Healdsburg.
  • No city business license
  • No transient occupancy tax charged
  • Rental periods are accepted for less than 30 days.
  • The property owner disguises the location of the property.
  • The owner cannot produce paperwork to show that an annual fire/safety inspection has taken place.
  • The owner attempts to negotiate a 30 day contract, but only charges for the 3 days you need to use the property.

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