Code Enforcement

The Police Department delivers Code Enforcement services for the City of Healdsburg. Code Enforcement responsibilities were transferred from the Planning and Building Department to the Police Department in August of 2014. This shift in service providers recognized the added depth of resources and expertise available at the police department in solving community problems. It also has proven to be a good fit with community orientated policing programs.

Maintaining the health and safety of city residents is a top priority for the code enforcement division. The City of Healdsburg Municipal Code helps to promote safe and healthy neighborhoods. Our staff strives to meet or exceed the service expectations of the community.
Pollution In the Park
Code Enforcement Officer
The Healdsburg Police Department employs a part-time code enforcement officer who is charged with ensuring compliance with a wide variety of city codes, regulations and laws. The officer has jurisdiction within the city limits of Healdsburg. Over the years, our local legislative body and residents have worked hard to establish a fair balance of rules and regulations. These provide important protections for individuals, business interests and property owners.

The evolution of the Healdsburg community has required ongoing attention to emerging trends, community expectations and business needs. With that in mind, service delivery is geared towards addressing current community priorities.

The code enforcement officer is able to answer questions and assist residents with the following concerns:
  • Illegal or non-permitted construction activities.
  • Investigation of vacation rental operations in residential neighborhoods.
  • Marijuana cultivation (non-criminal)
  • Conditional Use Permit violations
  • Public Nuisance issues
  • Noise Ordinance violations
  • Graffiti Abatement
  • Zoning complaints
  • Non- permitted advertising signs
  • Livestock complaints
  • Other city code violations based on a review of the available evidence and current priorities.
Some issues will require a joint investigation by the police department and code enforcement officer to determine the most appropriate resolution to a particular violation.

Problem Solving Strategies
Our department utilizes education and enforcement tools to facilitate compliance with Municipal Codes that are designed to maintain a healthy, safe and clean environment, carry out land use policy, and preserve the quality of life standards that residents and businesses enjoy in our community.

Code Enforcement strives to achieve voluntary compliance. We educate property owners, business owners, and residents by specifying the code requirements and any corrective action to remedy violations observed. Education is provided through notices and correspondence as well as working in collaboration. Although the vast majority of issues are resolved through this method, Code Enforcement also employs a variety of enforcement tools to facilitate compliance. We view residents as partners in improving our community.

Legal authority
The Code Officer is authorized to take enforcement actions pursuant to Healdsburg Municipal Code section 1.12.050. Depending on the circumstances and nature of the complaint, there are three legal remedies that the officer may take.
  • Administrative citation (non-criminal fine) HMC 1.12.110
  • Criminal citation requiring the party to appear in Sonoma County Superior Court. (HMC 1.12.070)
  • Civil action or injunction requested through the Sonoma County Superior Court. (HMC 1.12.100 )
The code enforcement officer will not become engaged in civil disputes between private parties, evictions or personal grievances. There are other legal remedies that are readily accessible and better suited for proper resolution of these issues.