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Community Services / Parks & Recreation

  1. Band Submission Application

    Band Submission Application for concerts in the Plaza.

  2. Healdsburg Plaza: Special Performance Permit Application
  3. Neighbors Network: Connecting Neighbors in Need

    The City of Healdsburg Community Services Department is here to help our community through the COVID-19 health emergency. If you need... More…

  4. Public Art Grant - Fall 2023

    What projects are eligible? Any artwork that is intended to enrich the public environment for City residents and visitors is eligible... More…

  1. Food Vendor Application

    Food Vendor Application for concerts in the Plaza.

  2. Marketspace: Opening Public Spaces
  3. Partnered Event Marketing Request
  4. Volunteer Log Badger Park Community Garden


  1. Utility Customers: Update Your Contact Info

    Disasters can create new physical barriers and eliminate and/or lessen services for everyone. If you are a Healdsburg utility customer... More…