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The following applications have been received for consideration by the Planning Department.

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Application activity table.
Location                               Application     Description Documents      Hearing Date                          
15119 Grove St TM 2018-02 Tentative Subdivision Map to divide a 2.16-acre parcel into 4 lots and a designated remainder parcel   TBD
16977 Healdsburg Ave - Comstock Mixed Use and Hotel DR 2021-06
DR 2021-07
CUP 2021-03
Mixed-use retail and residential development with 45 apartments, 5 live-work units and approximately 12,500 sq. ft. of retail space and a 108-key hotel    PC 5/25/2021 - Approved
16977 Healdsburg Ave -Enso Village CUP 2020-02
​DR 2020-09
Enso Village Senior Living Community Application Materials PC 11/17/2020
PC Workshop 9-10-2020
16977 Healdsburg Ave CUP 2019-04 The North Village Master Conditional Use Permit and Density Bonus Applications Application Materials PC 2/11/2020
146-168 Healdsburg Ave TM2017-01
​DA 2018-01
​The Mill District
Tentative map, master conditional use permit, and development agreement to divide the property into seven lots, provide 208 units of multi-family housing, a 53 room hotel, and 15,000 sqft. of commercial uses in multiple buildings. Application Materials
Approval Hearings
PC 1/8/2019
146-168 Healdsburg Ave Lot 7 - The Mill District On June 6, 2019, the City received a Major Design application for a four–story affordable housing development containing 41 units, 41 parking spaces, and associated on-site improvements and landscaping.  PC 6/25/19
PC 2/11/2020 (Revision)
146-168 Healdsburg Ave Lot 4 - Residential Development On December 4, 2019, the City received a Major Design Review application (DR 2019-25) for a four-story residential building over underground parking. The project would include 40 residential units located in three buildings over a 72 parking space underground garage. The project also includes associated site improvements and landscaping.  Project Plans PC 3/10/2020
146-168 Healdsburg Ave Lot 5 - Park On December 4, 2019, the City received a Major Design Review application (DR 2019-24) for a new .78 acre park located at the center of the site in and around the existing Redwood trees on Healdsburg Avenue. The park would include a grassy open area, pathways, play area and other amenities. 
PC 3/10/2020

807 Healdsburg Ave DR 2019-11 Major Design Review for the demolition of two existing dwelling units and construction of a two-story mixed-use building containing a first-floor commercial space with one (1) residential unit above and an additional two-story residential building with three (3) multi-family units on a .5 acre site.   PC 9/22/2020
120 Parkland Farms Blvd  TM 2015-07 Parkland Farms Subdivision Phase 11 - 11 lots See 6-22-2020 City Council agenda packet for final application documents PC 10/8/2019
PC Approval

​CC 6-15-2020 (Continued)

CC 6-22-2020​ Approval
109 Paul Wittke Dr. TM 2018-03 A Tentative Parcel Map to subdivide a parcel into three (3) residential lots.   PC 9/22/2020

400, 412, & 418 Healdsburg Ave DR 2019-02 Development of a 16-guestroom hotel with lobby, retail, open space, and parking provided at the ground floor. Application Materials TBD


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