Noise Reduction - Policy & Reporting

Airport Activity Reporting (Noise or Other Complaints)

The City of Healdsburg has installed a non-emergency telephone line for citizens to report concerns about activity at the Healdsburg Municipal Airport. If there is an emergency to life or property, or suspicious activity, please dial 911 immediately. If it is a non-emergency concern, such as low flying aircraft, noise, etc., please call 707-395-2445.
When calling, please note that this is a voicemail system that will record your concern.

For phone or email complaints please provide:
  1. The nature of the concern, and description (i.e.- type of aircraft, color, twin or single engine plane, tail number if available).
  2. The time and date of the occurrence.
  3. If you would like to be contacted by city staff or Healdsburg Aviation please leave your name, phone number, and a physical address where you may be reached.
  4. City staff or Healdsburg Aviation will log your call and respond within the next business day.
We will make a determination whether there is evidence of a violation, and if we can contact the pilot to ask for cooperation in following our airport procedures.

To learn more about noise policies, view or print Noise Reduction Procedures brochure (PDF), which has been designed to be added to your pilot's flight guide.

The noise complaint log will be posted at the end of each month.

Noise Reduction Procedures

The following noise-reduction procedures are in effect.


  • Turn west 20 degrees as soon as safe after crossing the airport boundary
    No straight-outs
  • Please avoid low over flight of sensitive areas
  • No intersection takeoffs
  • Reduce RPM after takeoff is safe
  • Climb at best rate or steeper to 1300 feet MSL
  • Do not cross to northeast side of airport below 1500' MSL.
  • Note: airport is aligned NW-SE


  • No touch and goes; please taxi back
  • Limit practice landings to 3 per day
  • Do not practice landings at night
  • Please make low-power approaches, if safe
  • Use right traffic for 13, left for 31
  • Avoid straight-in approaches for 31



  • Unicom / CTAF / AWOS: 122.80
  • OAK FSS: 122.35
  • OAK Center: 127.80

General Information

  • Pattern Altitude is 1300' MSL
  • All pattern traffic is SW of Airport
  • Runway 13 PAPI is displaced approximately 700 feet
Healdsburg Airport neighbors are noise sensitive. Please fly quietly! Thank you for being a good neighbor.
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