Why do firefighters go to the grocery store together on a fire truck while on duty?
We are in a ready to respond mode 24-7, regardless of location. Our fire engine is both our office and our tool shop. We function as a crew and as such are together to handle emergencies. Each crew member has a role or a function on a particular type of incident, whether fire, EMS, special operations, etc. We do not have formal breaks or times that we are unable to respond to 911 calls. The fire engines are multi-purpose and carry a wide variety of equipment needed to respond to a wide variety of emergencies.

We are never far away from our engine or from each other. We are always ready to respond! We spend 48 hours together per shift. We do eat breakfast, lunch and dinner together, and we are responsible for buying our own food. When picking up groceries, we are still available for emergency calls.

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