Housing Action Plan: Addressing Healdsburg's Housing Needs & Priorities

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The Housing Action Plan (HAP) was first adopted by the Healdsburg City Council in July 2016.  The Plan was the culmination of more than 30 community workshops and public meetings that started with the revision of the City’s Housing Element in 2014.  The Community Housing Committee worked alongside residents to prepare a plan which reflected community sentiment and vision for housing in Healdsburg.

The Housing Action Plan was drafted with a timeframe for implementation that corresponds to that of the adopted Housing Element (2015 – 2022).  Additionally, the HAP was to work in tandem with a Growth Management Ordinance (GMO) Amendment that was to be placed on the November 2016 ballot, which proposed to add flexibility to the City’s growth management program that would allow for more overall housing development.

When the GMO measure did not pass in November 2016, the City Council recognized that the HAP as adopted in July 2016 would need to be amended to reflect the growth management system which remains in place.  To that end, the City Council established the parameters governing a new Community Housing Committee in April 2017.  Resolution 28-2017 directed the CHC’s initial work assignment as updating the Housing Action Plan to reflect the existing Growth Management Ordinance remaining in place.

The Community Housing Committee, as directed, began its work reviewing a revised draft Housing Action Plan in fall 2017.  The City Council adopted a revised Housing Action Plan in February 2018.

The City of Healdsburg's Housing Action Plan is a companion document to other policy documents that inform, shape and direct the character and type of growth occurring in Healdsburg. These include the Strategic Plan, the General Plan, the Housing Element (which is part of the General Plan), the Land Use Code, the Inclusionary Housing Ordinance (which is part of the Land Use Code), the Urban Growth Boundary and the City's Growth Management Ordinance