Grove Street Neighborhood Plan Implementation - Street Enhancements

Grove Street Neighborhood Plan Flyer Header

The Grove Street Neighborhood Plan Neighborhood Meeting scheduled on 3/14/2024 can be found here: March 14th Meeting Flyer

The Grove Street Neighborhood Plan encompasses 104 acres and 70 properties along Grove Street between Grant Street and Dry Creek Road.  Following the completion of the plan, the Grove Street Neighborhood Study was completed to provide street design to be used as a basis for anticipated development.  Both processes had extensive community engagement. 

The Grove Street neighborhood contains a mixture of uses including senior housing, single family dwellings, multifamily dwellings, affordable housing units, large and boutique hotels, a skate park, and businesses.  Providing for multimodal access on Grove Street will reduce the dependence on driving, greatly benefitting the residents. This will in turn improve safety for all users and reduce emissions and vehicular trips.  While some improvements have already been constructed through development projects, including a traffic circle, the corridor lacks a continuous ADA compliant pedestrian walkway or bike route through this diverse neighborhood.​​​​​​​​​​​​The project as proposed will construct continuous curb, gutter, and sidewalk to provide safe pedestrian access to all. Also included will be connections to the two bus stops within project limits, both of which will be improved as part of the project.  Low Impact Development improvements will be included in the landscape strips to improve the water quality of our adjacent receiving waters, Foss Creek and the Russian River.  Planting of new trees will be maximized to shade the walkways, reduce vehicle speeds, improve air and water quality, lower greenhouse gas emissions, and improve the overall quality of life for this neighborhood and our entire community.  Some segments of Grove Street frontage have had the overhead utilities undergrounded and added aesthetically pleasing streetlights. ​​​​The project as proposed will continue the same “historic style” street lighting and will be coordinated with the separate City project planned to underground all overhead utilities within project limits. ​​​​This segment of Grove Street runs parallel to the Class I Foss Creek Pathway, and the City’s Bike and Pedestrian Plan calls for Class III bike route within project limits. The design process will consider use of “Share the Lane” legends and signs, or if segments of Class II bike lanes are warranted or feasible based on available width for traffic lanes. The Foss Creek Pathway is the key north-south bike and pedestrian route through the City and the intersection of Grove Street with the Foss Creek Path entrance will receive special consideration. Possible design elements may include a bike box on Grove Street and/or pedestrian actuated signalization to improve safety.​​​​​​​​​It should be noted that the underground water and wastewater facilities have been recently upgraded and are all in good condition. Storm water facilities will be improved as needed to accommodate the LID features and added curb and gutter. ​​​​​​

​The Grove Street Neighborhood Plan can be viewed here:​​​​​