California Environmental Reporting System (CERS)

To create a login account, go to California Environmental Reporting System, and create an account and to complete or edit your business plan electronically.

When completing the CERS Facility Information, include the North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS) number. This is located on the Business Owner/Operator Identification page.

The Facility Site Plan (PDF) under Title 19, Appendix 4 is required to have a map of the facility using the standard grid, as well as all of the following:
  1. Site Layout
    • Scale of map
    • Site Orientation (north, south, etc.)
    • Loading areas
    • Parking lots
    • Internal roads
    • Storm and sewer drains
    • Adjacent property use
    • Locations and names of adjacent streets and alleys
    • Access and egress points and roads
  2. Facility
    • Location of each storage area
    • Location of each hazardous material handling area
    • Location of emergency response equipment. For example, equipment for fire suppression, approach and mitigation, protective clothing, medical response, etc.

Turning in a Facility Site Map

The facility site map can be printed, drawn by hand, scanned into an electronic document and uploaded electronically into CERS. Below is the Fire Department Site Plan and Legend in Publisher which is software included in Microsoft Office Suite. The original picture was taken from Google Earth and saved. The picture was then opened in Publisher. Please copy the grid, text boxes, and legends from the fire department site plan to create your own. Save as a .pdf file and upload it to CERS with the required elements.
Under Title 19, Section 2731 Emergency Response Plans and Procedures shall additionally include the following:

The Employee Training Plan under Title 19, Section 2732

The business plan shall include a training program (DOC), which is reasonable and appropriate for the size of the business and the nature of the hazardous materials handled. The training program shall take into consideration the responsibilities of the employees to be trained. The training program shall, at a minimum, include:
  • Methods for safe handling of hazardous materials
  • Procedures for coordination with local emergency response organizations
  • Use of emergency response equipment and supplies under the control of the handler
  • All procedures required by Section 2731 of this Article

The business plan shall include provisions for ensuring that appropriate personnel receive initial and refresher training.

Remember, we will not be able to see that you have submitted your information until you finalize the process by completing the electronic submission.

Whether or Not to Apply for CERS

The Facility Organization form (PDF) will explain if your businesses should apply for a CERS Organization. The State is requesting that businesses / organizations with multiple California facilities regulated by more than 1 CUPA (typically different counties) provide a list of users and facilities to CERS. This will create a single CERS Organization which can be managed by 1 or more users identified and managed by the business / organization.